Texas iconography is naturally loaded; Ideas related to tradition, geography and stereotype meet those surrounding trend, irony and self-expression. Objects, along with people and places, can be the holders of multiple, often contrasting, things at once, and I am interested in how their context and our own experiences greatly inform the ways we encounter them. 


In my most recent work, I use painting as a way of re-examining and reclaiming parts of my Texas upbringing by bringing Texas iconography into conversation with elements informed by digital experience. I am particularly interested in the ways information is gained and lost as it moves from our own experiences, to our memories, to digital interfaces and then back into a physical object. 


At the intersection of time, place and identity, these works also aim to explore the simultaneous confidence and self-doubt that accompany self-awareness and the attempt to own all of who I am at once.

Please contact me directly for pricing and availability on paintings and prints.


Email: calhanhale@gmail.com

Instagram: @calpaca

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